About TDS Group

When you’re searching for a company that can deliver genuine value-added services to your development project it pays to know a little about what’s on offer.

TDS Group brings more to the table than many similar firms – offering you a perfect blend of expertise and real-world experience, that means you can rely on us to deliver sound advice and invaluable support at every stage of your development: from the initial site investigations right through to completion and adoption.

Our specialist team has a background as developers, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing we understand your objectives, and can prioritise every element to keep your project moving forward – minimising hassles and restrictions.

Above all else, TDS Group is committed to delivering you a range of services that enable you to focus on your core skills – safe in the knowledge that we’ll be there to help you minimise your costs, maximise your return on investment, and move toward a speedy and efficient adoption of your development.

In fact, you can rely on TDS Group for all the support you need across a range of disciplines, including:

  • Section 38 highways adoptions
  • Section 104 sewer adoptions
  • Public open spaces adoptions and transfers
  • Utility applications
  • Contesting utility costs

Not to mention

  • Land investigation
  • Project management
  • And more…

To date, TDS Group’s expertise has been called upon not just by development companies, but also by government agencies looking for cutting edge input into the creation of policies in a range of areas.  TDS have contributed to:

  • The Water Act 2003 (and related guidance)
  • OFGEM Electricity Connection steering group
  • The All Part Parliamentary Group for Water
  • Planning Policy Statement 25
  • The Steering Group for the transfer of Private Sewers
  • The Steering Group for PPG3
  • Highway Authority Policies (in partnership with the DfT).

And by staying involved in the formation of policy and the advising of government agencies, TDS Group ensures that it stays at the knife’s edge of highways adoption, sewer adoption, and related policy and best practice – giving you the most up-to-date, usable and practical support available.

Partnering with the Technical & Development Group Ltd couldn’t be simpler.
Just call us today on 01933 227726 for an informal chat about how we can help you reduce your costs and increase your profits, or contact us here.

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