Why Choose TDS?

These are a few of the statements we have had from developers who have already chosen to work with TDS.

“Great understanding of utilities, which had an impact on who we choose to use on-site for our new services.”

“TDS understands the adoption process and had the contacts to get our site adopted faster than we expected.”

“Transparent report helped us understand the hidden costs in quotes.”

“TDS saved us money over the lifetime of our development.”

Small and large developers are returning time and time again to work with the Utilities and Adoption teams at TDS across the UK.

Our philosophy is simple:

  1. We have proven processes that help you understand what is on-site, how it will affect the site and what needs to be carried out or brought onto site to make it viable and return you a profit at the end of the development.
  2. We focus on getting our clients the best results and are not afraid to challenge the costs or works if it is not the right decision for our clients.
  3. We go out of our way to understand and provide a knowledge base of the latest legislation or guidance in the market.
  4. Our goal is to save developers money at every stage of the process, from predevelopment to new services, project management and adoptions. Unless we have shown you a cost saving, we are not giving you the best value.
  5. Our solutions are practical and proven to work − we have the customer base to prove it.

If you want to work with a consultancy that gets you results and saves you money on your current or future development, please call us today.