Contesting Utility Costs

TDS have years of experience and knowledge on challenging the water, electric, gas and telecommunications industry to save developers money on development constraints and off site reinforcement.

Utility companies traditionally have asked Developers to pay up front for their services to be located on development sites. TDS prides itself on keeping up to date with the latest legislation and changes in charges in order to gain rebates and reductions in the prices the developers have to pay upfront.

Our Contesting teams work across all the utilities from water companies, DNOs and IDNOs for both gas and electric to telecommunications companies such as BT and Virgin Media.

TDS’s aim is to ensure you never pay too much or have returned the monies paid to these companies for enabling, diversionary or installation of their services.

  1. Water Infrastructure Charge Assessment on Redeveloped Sites
  2. Sewer Infrastructure Charge Assessment on Redeveloped Sites
  3. Water Main Requisition costs including off-site Water Mains & Network Reinforcement Charges
  4. Development Payments for Self-Lay Water Mains that involve off-site Water Mains & Network Reinforcement Charges
  5. BT Refund of Plot Payments
  6. Any offsite foul sewer network reinforcement. This could be via a Section 98 Agreement for Requisitioned Sewers, Section 185 Diversion, Section 106 Planning Agreement, a Commercial Arrangement between the WaSC and yourself or the Undertakers historical use of Section 30 Agreements
  7. Water Main Requisition Development Impact Assessment Charge
  8. Any Foul Sewer Developer Impact Assessment Charge – Section104 and Section 98
  9. Section 185 Water Mains Diversions & cash deposits
  10. Foul Sewer Development Impact Assessments – Section 104 and 98
  11. Electricity Diversion of Underground Cables
  12. Electricity Diversion of Overhead Cables
  13. Section 185 Sewer Diversions & cash deposits
  14. Gas Refunds on Mains & Service Installations
  15. Highways – all Utility Diversions as part of a Section 278 Agreement
  16. Gas On-site Diversions
  17. BT On-site Diversions
  18. Electricity Connection Charges and Reinforcement Costs (note the one year rule)
  19. Electricity Easement Payments to DNO’s

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