Contesting Costs

TDS have worked for over twenty years with the water, electric, gas and telecommunications industry to save developers money on their utility costs for both on site and off site charges, especially with regard to any form of network reinforcement.

TDS prides itself on keeping up to date with the latest legislation and changes in charges in order to gain rebates and reductions in the charges that developers have to pay for their utilities.

Below are eight areas where utility costs can be investigated to see if savings can be made for developers:-

Water & Sewerage

  • Water Infrastructure Charge and Sewerage Infrastructure Charge credits/offsets on redeveloped sites.
  • Water Main costs that require any offsite Water Mains Network Reinforcement as well as section 41-44 requisitions from a development over 500m to a point of connection.
  • Any offsite Foul Sewer Network Reinforcement and/or section 98 requisitioned connections over 500m to a point of connection to a foul sewer.
  • Section 185 water mains or sewer diversions.

BT and Telecommunications 

  • BT claims on service on demand plot payments.
  • Telecommunications onsite diversions.


  • Electricity Diversion of Underground Cables and/or Overhead Cables.
  • Electricity Connection Charges with Reinforcement Costs.

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