Before working with a company like TDS Group, it can be helpful to understand the full development journey and the various areas in which you can benefit from our support as your project progresses.

Stage 1Due diligence:

When a developer is looking to either sell or purchase some land, many of them ask TDS to investigate the potential pros and cons for the site, in respect of the services available to support the proposed development.

We call this due diligence a “Land Report”, which involves TDS creating a comprehensive dossier of all the relevant Utilities around and more importantly within the development land. We report on the Capacity of these local services, based upon the proposed scheme and identify any services that may need to be brought into site, disconnected or diverted together with those relevant budget quotations.

This information can be useful for several reasons; from a seller’s point of view, it can be used to promote the land from the perspective of the “availability of services”, which might increase the value, as appose to a purchasing perspective, where the lack of services or existence of services, which can be very expensive to move or build around, can de-value the land and force the price down.

Stage 2Planning Support Detailed Utility Work:

Once the site has been secured, we can provide Developers with Planning Reports, which help with the Planning Process by highlighting the various constraints within the development and identify what actions can be taken to alleviate these issues and secure a successful application.

After this stage, TDS to use their expertise and liaise on behalf of the Developer, dealing with the corresponding alterations to those services directly. This involves working on behalf of our clients, to arrange through the various Service providers, for the Utilities to be delivered to support the build programme.

Part of this work is also to provide a Combined Services Layout drawing, which is specifically created for the client to help coordinate all the relevant services. Depicted in a single drawing, this is presented to the site project team and is generally used to help with the construction of the services within the development.

Stage 3Project Management Services:

The support TDS Group provides can be utilised throughout the entirety of your project.

TDS Group work on behalf of Developers to provide experienced and professional managers to deal with the implementation of engineering services relating to the building of development infrastructure (mainly Sewers, Pumping Stations, SuDS features, Roads, Street Lights etc).

Whilst some developers may prefer to keep this in house, in some cases this experience is lacking and outsourcing to an experienced third party, such as ourselves, can be advantageous.

Stage 4Adoption of Highways and Sewers:

If the estate roads and sewers are to be maintained by either adoption through the local authority or taken care of by the appointed Management Company, this can become an issue.

The process is notoriously slow and usually low on the list of priorities. So, when the development is coming to an end, or with larger sites, there is a Phased strategy for building out over many years. Developers can work with TDS to get the roads and sewers handed over, to reduce Bond Values and releasing cash for further investment.

In many cases this adoption work, requires additional effort to bring these elements up to adoptable standard. TDS are specialists in handling this type of work and can help the client to deliver their infrastructure onto maintenance, prior to the final adoption or handover to the management company.


We can be supporting the client from the CONCEPT, during the PLANNING of the scheme, in the early phases of the CONSTRUCTION and through to the final ADOPTION stages of the development.